Tips for Choosing the Right Snow Blower

How To Choose The Right Snow Blower

For a lot of people getting a snow blower has stopped being a luxury and has become a necessity to keep everything snow-free, and an important to help keep their sanity whenever winter comes. If you’re thinking about getting one, it’s important to think about how much snow you’re getting on average during winter, as well as how much you need to clean up.

There are many snow blower models, we’ll go over the different styles so you get an idea of what you should be looking for. If you want more in-depth information, you can read more on

Electric or Cordless Blowers

These are best suited for places where there’s not a lot of snow, as their lightweight models that are very easy to use. They’re relatively cheap, and they don’t need any gas to use. These blowers are also a lot smaller, so they’ll work perfectly if you don’t have a lot of space available.

There are two subtypes for this one, but the difference is not that great. The only thing you might think about when looking for an electric model is choosing whether you want one that must be connected to work or if you want one that’s battery powered. Battery powered blowers are usually a bit weaker by comparison, so take that into account.

Single-Stage Snow Blowers

This style of snow blower is perfect for paved driveways and sidewalks. They’re compact, lightweight and maneuverable. Sadly, in wet or in heavy snow they might not be good enough, or if the snow is just way too much. If what you need to do is clear moderate snow, this style is pretty good, as well as freeing you from being connected to an outlet.

Be warned, the auger paddles make contact with the ground, so you should not use them on gravel surfaces: You’ll be risking injuries to people nearby as well as damage to your driveway.

Two-Stage Snow Blowers

The two previous types of snow blowers simply sucked it up, and then threw it somewhere else. They’re not fit for dealing with a high volume of snow. That’s where two stage snow blowers come in. These blowers can handle more than 18 inches of snow without issues.

The most important difference is that they throw the snow away two times. First the auger picks up the snow, and an impeller then takes care to throw it out through the discharge chute. This way the snow is constantly moving and the intake bucket won’t get blocked up.

Unlike the previous models, these can be used on gravel and concrete no problem, as the auger on these models does not touch the ground. Be warned though, they’re pretty big, so you’ll need more space during the year to store them.

Three-Stage Blowers

These blowers use a third auger to crush up the snow and ice when it’s discharged. These monsters are definitely made for much heavier duty work, so if you’re having huge issues with snow they’ll make the process easy and comfortable. This snow blower will take care out of your snow issues in a flash, but it might be a bit too much for a lot of people.

How to Clear Your Driveway of Snow

If you need to clear snow from your driveway,some guidelines may make the job easier for you. If you have the right equipment and right mindset, you can do it with a smile. In this post, we will show you how you can clear your driveway of snow.

Use some cooking spray

When you find it difficult to remove heavy and wet snow, using some cooking spray can make the job easier for you because it will help you melt the snow quickly. Cooking spray will also prevent snow from sticking to the shovel.

Set a schedule

Setting a schedule is important. It is not a good idea at all to wait until it stops snowing. Set the schedule in such a way that it allows you to shovel every couple of hours. Also, set your schedule depending on the duration of snowfall.

Wear socks

To make sure that you have some traction when you shovel, wear a pair of socks over your boots or shoes. They will reduce your risk of slipping when you work on the driveway.

Melt ice quickly

If there is still ice underneath after you have shoveled, you can do something to melt the ice quickly. With some rubbing alcohol, dish soap and water, you can make a mixture and pour that on the ice.The ice will melt within a short time.

Make it comfortable for you

Snow removal does not necessarily need to be hard work. Choose a shovel that you can handle easily. It is a good idea to try several brands before you buy one. It is even better if you have more than one shovel. When you shovel snow, wearing your usual hand gloves may be convenient for you.

Should you purchase a snowblower?

There is no doubt that a snowblower can make the job easier for you. But think twice before you buy one. If there is not enough snowfall, may be you don’t need a snowblower. You may not need it if your driveway is small. Also keep in mind that snowblowers make a lot of noise.

Do not shovel the same material twice

Many people make this mistake. They create huge piles and then remove the piles. Do not remove the snow in such a way that they block your driveway. If you do so, you will have to remove the snow twice.Also, make sure that you do not dump the snow in front of a door.

Stay safe

Once you start shoveling snow, consider some important things to make sure that you are safe. First, do not bend your waist; bend your knees. To reduce back strain, keep the shovel blade close to you.Make sure you work different muscles. So, change your side from time to time.If the snow is thick and heavy, do not make an attempt to clean it with a single scoop. You may end up hurting yourself if you exert yourself too much.