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When UBU ROI premiered in Paris on December 10, 1896, the audience broke into a riot at the utterance of its first word. Jarry’s parody of Shakespeare’s  Macbeth  defies theatrical tradition through its scatological language and disregard for audience expectations, replacing Shakespeare’s tragic hero with a greedy, sadistic, obscene ogre who becomes the King of Poland by force and through the debasement of his people. UBU ROI retains it’s relevance and may bring to mind the fall from grace of many a contemporary political leader corrupted by power, from Eliot Spitzer to Dominique Strauss-Kahn. The Garage Theatre Groups’ Artistic Director, Michael Bias, helms this irreverent take on world leaders that ushered in a century of avant – garde theatre.

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The Garage Theatre Group believes in the power of theatre as a tool for growth, understanding, and communication. Our aim is to use the process of theatre, as well as the product, to educate, inform, and connect the community in which we live.

The shows that comprise The Garage Theatre Group season are challenging as well as entertaining, reflecting our belief that theatre is an open dialogue between the playwright, the performer, and the audience.

At the conclusion of each Main Stage performance, a discussion with the cast, director, and audience is held. By doing so, we hope to inspire and create a new generation of artists, theatregoers, and patrons.


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